Sabtu, 23 November 2013

How to Pick Up a Girl in the Street

There are plenty of opportunities in day to day events that present any single guy a chance to pick up girls. If you want to know how to pick up a girl in the street, or pick up a girl in a store, or coffee shop, then try and use some of the techniques and see if they don't work for you. First things first though. Before you walk out the front door you need to make sure you have your inner game together. By inner game I'm referring to the way you think about yourself, and where your mind is at right now. To have any success at all picking up women you need to have complete and total confidence in yourself and in your abilities. Girls pick up instantly on body language and they can see you coming a mile away. They even know if they are interested in you before you even open your mouth. So you need to make sure you walk upright with your shoulders back. Puff out your chest as much as possible without looking ridiculous. Make it look natural. How to pick up a girl is actually easy once you've got yourself together. Try wearing nicer clothes. Girls always notice your shoes, so make sure they're clean. No one wants to date a guy with ratty shoes. How to pick up a girl in the street Now that you've got yourself put together, it's time to pick a girl to talk to. It's very important to start walking toward a girl within the first three seconds of seeing her. The reason for this is because if you wait longer than three seconds the analytical part of your brain will kick in and can actually talk you out of going up and talking to her. This is NOT how to pick up a girl. You brain will start playing out different scenarios and start playing the "what if" game. If you let your brain get this far, it's already to late for you. Time to move on. Okay so you've spotted another, girl and you're walking toward her and getting ready to make the approach. If you get eye contact, maintain it. Then ask her if she has the time. When she looks at her watch or pulls out her cell phone to get the time, tap her on the shoulder. Point to your own watch or cell phone and say "I've already got the time, I just wanted to come flirt with you... you're a good flirt right?" Say this with biggest smile you can get your face to agree to. This is how to pick up a girl in the street. And here are some important aspects of what just happened. You walked forward confidently and made eye contact. You asked for the time, easy. Then you touched her on the shoulder. Touching is always good as it's good for escalating her comfort with you. Then you came out of the blue with the fact that you just wanted to flirt with her. It's great. And it works.

Selasa, 05 November 2013

How to Approach Women on the Street

How about approach women on the street? Imagine the following situation.

You are on your way to the grocery store and suddenly, you see there's a group of beautiful women walking over there, crossing the street. They are very nicely dressed in their tops, skirts and jeans (yes, in their normal dresses) and they are looking just AWESOME. Your heart begins to leap high and you feel the rush from your feet. What should you do now? You want to talk with them. In fact, you are staring at them. Sometimes you are turning your head away just to peer at them by the side of your eye. They are definitely 9's and 10's. Damn!

"Is your hair correct? You have cut it short yesterday itself"

"Is your t-shirt wrinkled?"

"Are you interested?" (Yes, some people actually force themselves to believe that they don't want it)

"I am busy. I don't have time" (logically thinking, you have loads of time in your hand. You are just going to the grocery store)

And so many excuses that you can come up with literally...But do they work? If you are like me, you still feel the frustration and start cursing yourself when you can't approach women on the street.

The Truth You Want to Know

Okay, here's a fact. Even I feel like this. I don't feel like I am not up to their expectations nowadays. But I feel like I don't want it. Yes, I use the excuse of complacency. I have enough of girls in my life. So, I don't approach women. Or rather, I stop myself from approaching women.

But, the truth is absolutely different.

If you don't show up to her, she doesn't notice you. And if she doesn't know you are there, there's no chance to game her. And then again, when you go up to her, you cannot hope to create attraction. When you approach women on the street or anywhere, you must know that it's either going to hit or miss. You cannot do anything that creates attraction. That's a wrong mindset. You just go there and say Hi. That's it. If she feels she wants to know you, that is enough. If she doesn't want to, nothing will make her do so and if there is something that will work, it will take some time.

You don't have so much time while you approach women on the street.

Solution That Will Work

Here are a few things that you can do to make sure that you have a higher chance of success while you approach women on the street.

    Work on yourself. Improve yourself. Never stop! Get a job, go to the gym, eat healthy, and live your life. Create a self-sufficient lifestyle for yourself. Your focus should always be YOU.
    Don't think too much. When you see the woman, just walk calmly up to her and say Hi. You don't need to do anything else. Actually if you try hard, you are going to lose it. Your value is maintained when you DON'T try at all.
    Rejection is a part of the game. And when you are cold approaching on the street, you will find a much lower percentage of success. Trust me on that. But that's not your problem. That's her problem. I know women who deject men who approach men just because they are NERVOUS.

Senin, 14 Oktober 2013

Best Way to Approach a Woman on the Street

Well, if one game I have been practicing for a long time now, that has to be the street game. And the hardest part of the street game is to approach the woman on the street. You are in your most upbeat positive state, you just had your coffee in the local cafe and now you are onto your way to the grocery store while you see an angel coming towards you. She is wearing a tight fitting denim jeans and a low cut top that hugs her frame, augmenting her sumptuous curves. The sun is shining on her hair and her face, and you know you got to know this woman. The next thing you know, you are already walking towards that woman and when she comes just near you, you look towards her and give out a nice smile, but then what? Darn! You don't say anything, because you are shit scared inside, and she keeps walking on. That's all for you getting to know her. The moment is gone and your opportunity to know someone who might have been your girlfriend for the next 20 years is gone. Don't do this. Here is the best way to approach a woman on the street. You see a woman walking whether towards you in the opposite direction or beside you towards the same direction, and you let her pass you. For the woman who is walking beside you, don't look at her while she is still behind you. That way, she feels wary and crosses you fast. Let her come beside you and ask her the time. When she tells you the time, just convey interest in talking further with her. You can use, "Hey, you seem interesting...I am Ron, what is your name?" or "Oh, you have a nice smile really...anyway, I am Ron, and your name?" This is when she is just beside you. For the woman who is coming towards you, let her pass by you, and when she has just passed by you, you can turn back and say, "Excuse me, it may seem very random, but I just felt like speaking with you. I am Ron" or just ask her the time. She complies with that request, and then you follow up with the previous line, "Hey, you seem interesting...I am Ron, what is your name?" or "Oh, you have a nice smile really...I am Ron, and your name?" Okay, here you must understand why you are asking the time in the first place. Are you starting neutral? Well, somewhat. It just gets the girl in a receptive and responsive mode. And then you go direct. Let's say you just go direct. You will find that many of the beautiful women will just walk by, as if turned off by your showing interest in her. Inside, they might be nervous. They might be scared. They might be busy. You have to engage them, and in the streets, engaging a woman can be tough because she is on the move already. So you engage her with a neutral question. That's it and then you go direct on her.

Minggu, 08 September 2013

The Best Way To Stopping and Meeting An Attractive Woman On The Street

You are walking down the street without too much expectations, when you see your future girlfriend walking along minding her own business. She immediately catches your eye and your heart. You want to meet her, stop her, go up to her, and have a deep discussion with her. But then you start thinking how she would react if a bum like you accosted her in the middle of the day, in the middle of the street. Because if an actual bum were to accost YOU in the middle of the road, you'd feel harassed, irritated, and/or a little bit scared. Well, trying to stop a woman in the street is just about like that. Everybody wants to feel busy, engaged, and self important so a woman walking busily down the street is in a hurry to get somewhere not that terribly important. A strange man stopping her from her mission is akin to a bum accosting you for money. She will not take it too pleasantly. Because of the mission oriented mindset of the woman, the success rate of stopping and positively engaging a woman on a street is LOW. A woman doesn't want to be stopped. Even if they're going nowhere fast, they still think they're going somewhere. The concept of meeting a woman on the street just doesn't work (most of the time). Then what exactly should you do? Should you just let that cutie walk along and out of your life? Not if your dating life depends on it! There is a way, a better way then attempting to stop a woman on the street. A way that makes the conditions to approach her much more conducive to success. Basically, do not try to stop a moving target on a mission... follow her. Don't creep up on her, don't rush after her, and certainly don't stalk her! Just do some Mission Impossible recon and follow her. Follow her since people walking on the road are not walking far. If they're walking, they're walking to someplace close, otherwise they'd be driving in their car. So if you see a woman walking down the road, odds are good she is going somewhere close. Be like 007, cool and inconspicuous, and trail her. You can regroup and come up with a game plan once she has stopped and you have determined her destination. Once she has actually settled at her destination, you can approach her like normal in an environment that is a lot more favorable for approaching. Depending on the spot and setting, you will have to adjust your approach and opening technique but it will be in a much more relaxed atmosphere where you won't be a bum off the street accosting her. A fixed target is a lot easier to hit then a moving one. So be patient, get in touch with your inner Ethan Hunt, do some mission impossible spy work, and approach a stationary target.