Sabtu, 23 November 2013

How to Pick Up a Girl in the Street

There are plenty of opportunities in day to day events that present any single guy a chance to pick up girls. If you want to know how to pick up a girl in the street, or pick up a girl in a store, or coffee shop, then try and use some of the techniques and see if they don't work for you. First things first though. Before you walk out the front door you need to make sure you have your inner game together. By inner game I'm referring to the way you think about yourself, and where your mind is at right now. To have any success at all picking up women you need to have complete and total confidence in yourself and in your abilities. Girls pick up instantly on body language and they can see you coming a mile away. They even know if they are interested in you before you even open your mouth. So you need to make sure you walk upright with your shoulders back. Puff out your chest as much as possible without looking ridiculous. Make it look natural. How to pick up a girl is actually easy once you've got yourself together. Try wearing nicer clothes. Girls always notice your shoes, so make sure they're clean. No one wants to date a guy with ratty shoes. How to pick up a girl in the street Now that you've got yourself put together, it's time to pick a girl to talk to. It's very important to start walking toward a girl within the first three seconds of seeing her. The reason for this is because if you wait longer than three seconds the analytical part of your brain will kick in and can actually talk you out of going up and talking to her. This is NOT how to pick up a girl. You brain will start playing out different scenarios and start playing the "what if" game. If you let your brain get this far, it's already to late for you. Time to move on. Okay so you've spotted another, girl and you're walking toward her and getting ready to make the approach. If you get eye contact, maintain it. Then ask her if she has the time. When she looks at her watch or pulls out her cell phone to get the time, tap her on the shoulder. Point to your own watch or cell phone and say "I've already got the time, I just wanted to come flirt with you... you're a good flirt right?" Say this with biggest smile you can get your face to agree to. This is how to pick up a girl in the street. And here are some important aspects of what just happened. You walked forward confidently and made eye contact. You asked for the time, easy. Then you touched her on the shoulder. Touching is always good as it's good for escalating her comfort with you. Then you came out of the blue with the fact that you just wanted to flirt with her. It's great. And it works.